Hound's Longhaired Dachshunds have been bred between 1975 and 2012. The purpose of the breeding program has been to combine beauty and working ability. We have bred 35 Dachshund litters. More than 40 of the Dachshunds we've bred have earned Champion titles.
Dachshunds from the UK, USA and Norway have been imported by us and used in the breeding program.
We have received the Swedish Kennel Club award for dual purpose breeding and the Swedish Dachshund Club award in gold, higher degree, for dual purpose breeding.
11 of our dogs have the Swedish Dachshund Club award for dual purpose offspring:

SVCh Nick v Dorndorf (US import)
VWW-08 CIB Nord Ch SVCh Hound’s Blümchen

Bronia Glamour Puss (UK import)
CIB Nord Ch Ross Castro (Norwegian import)

CIB Nord Ch Hound’s Headline
SUvCh NUCh SVCh FTCh Hound’s Kashmir
UK Ch CIB Nord Ch SVCh Hound’s Major Tom
SUvCh Hound’s My Way
CIB CIE WW-06 EUJW-06 PLW-06 SUvCh DKUCh EeUCh Hound’s Lady Madonna
CIB SUvCh DkUCH SVCh KBHV-06 Hound's Mädchen
SE UvCh Hound's Mercedes
SE UvCh Hound's Uncle Sam

Over the years we have also bred a few litters of Whippet.

Marie Gadolin

I got my first Dachshund as a young girl in the early 1970's. I have been very involved in health matters, especially disc disease and back x-ray. A large number of Hound's Dachshunds have been examined. I am an FCI show judge since 2005.

Lydia Gadolin

Lydia handling her great star Musse to G3 at Stora Stockholm.

I was ten years old when I got my first dog – a Whippet! I competed very successfully in juniorhandling 1999–2005 and I am a partner in the Hound's prefix. I enjoy handling, but also judging juniorhandling and I am a licensed ring steward. Member of the Swedish Whippet Club board 2011–2014.

Lydia Spike Lotus
1999: Lydia with her first Whippet boy Albicans Fiddlestick (Spike)
and our first Deerhound Ch Chic Aristocrat's Lotus.

2014: Lydia handling Diva to BIS at the sighthound specialty in Hannover.

Design Veronica Persson