My very first!
Longhaired miniature
Vistagårds Illevi,
born in 1972.

My first Standard!
Int Ch Uffkas Louise,
born in 1978.

The first litter was born already back in 1975, but it was with the birth of Hound's Headline in 1993 that the breeding really took off!



Important Dachsies over the years


Int&NordUvCh Hound's Headline
(Int&NordUvCh Quintus Vom Heidemoor x Budkavlen’s Madicken) born 1993


SUvCh NUvCh SVCh FC Hound's Kashmir
(Int&NordUvCh NordV-85 Nuits Sirocco x
Int&NordUvCh Hound's Headline) born 1997

Bronia Glamour Puss (UK import)
(Eng Ch Hilmar Black Velvet x Eng Ch Bronia Witchespell Enchantress) born 1999

VWW-08 SBIS IntUvCh NordUvCh
SVCh Hound’s Blümchen

(GS98 IACh2000 DtCh VDHCh2000
Quacks vom Tösbusch x
Int&NordUvCh Hound's Headline) born 2000

SVCh Nick v Dorndorf (US import)
(US Ch Walmar's Luke v Dorndorf x
FC Marta v Dorndorf) born 2002

Hound’s Man Ray

(SUvCh NUvCh SVCh FC Hound's Kashmir x Bronia Glamour Puss) born 2002

IntUvCh SUvCh NUvCh SVCh
Hound's Rule Britannia

(SUvCh NUvCh SVCh FC Hound's Kashmir x Bronia Glamour Puss) born 2002



SUvCh Hound's My Way
(Eng Ch IntUvCh NordUvCh SVCh
Hound’s Major Tom x
SUvCh Hound’s Metaxa) born 2003

C.I.E C.I.B SUvCh DkUvCh NUCh NordUCh SVCh WUTCh BRW-08 KLBCh KLBV-08 Lux Ch
Hound's Mercury

(DKUgCh Möllekrogen's B S Da'capo x
Int&NordUvCh SVCh VWW-08 Hound's Blümchen) born 2004

SUvCh SVCh Hound's Bronia Fashion
(SVCh Nick v Dorndorf x Bronia Glamour Puss) born 2004

FINV-06 SUvCh DkUvCh
Hound's Sundance Kid

(Eng Ch Frankanwen Sundance To Bronia x
Int&NordUvCh SVCh VWW-08
Hound's Blümchen) born 2005

CIB SUvCh NUCh Hound's Marigold
(SUvCh Fagermons Isidor x
IntUvCh SUvCh NUvCh SVCh
Hound's Rule Britannia) born 2005

CIB Nord Ch DKKV-08 Ross Castro
(Bronia Hound's Man x Hound's Marlene)
born 2006. Link to Ross' page.

CIB EeCh EeJCh LvJCh Baltic JW-07 LvW-08 FINCh FINV-2011 Hound's Aston Martin
(DkUvCh SUvCh Opalina’s Big Bugatti x
C.I.B SUvCh DKUvCh KBHV-06 SVCh Hound’s Mädchen) born 2006

Other champions bred by us:
SUvCh Hound’s Debonair (ML)
SUvCh Hound’s Greifa (ML)
SUvCh Hound’s Joy (ML)
SUvCh Hound’s Manhattan
SUvCh Hound’s Metaxa
CIB SFUCh SUvCh EECh SVCh FINVCh SV-01 Hound’s Black Man
CIB S&DkUvCh KBHV-06 SVCh Hound's Mädchen
SFUCh Hound's Maryland
NUCh Hound's Michigan
SUvCh SVCh Hound's Bronia Style
SUvCh SVCh NVCh Hound's Midnight Express
SUvCh SVCh Hound's Moonlight Shadow
CIB NUCh SUvCh DkUvCh DK VW-13 N VW-13 Hound's Mustang Sally
SUvCh Hound's Uncle Sam
SUvCh SVCh Hound's American Graffiti
SVCh Hound's Miss American Pie
WUTJCh Hound’s American Dream
SUVCh SBIS Hound's Greenkeeper
NUCh Hound's Gentleman
SUvCh Hound's Mercedes
SUvCh Hound's Metropolitan
SUvCh SVCh Hound's Menichetti
SUvCh SVCh Hound's Monsoon
CIB NUCh SE UCh Hound's Marchesa
SUvCh DKUCh RUCh Hound's Mulberry
Hound's Marshmallow
CIB EeCh SUvCh FIUCh RUCh BYCh SE VCh Hound's Marmite
SEUvCh SEVCh Hound's Matanza
DkUCh Hound's Danish Pastry (SS)
Irish Ch Hound's Moyenda at Larkhund
Estonian Ch Latvian Ch Lithuanian Ch Baltic Ch
Russian Ch Hound's Mandela
South African Ch Hound's Tambourine Man
DK Ch Hound's Lucky Star
CIB CIE KBHV-15 DK Ch SEUvCh WUT juniorch WUT Ch SBIS Club Ch Hound's Space Boy
CIB CIE SE UvCh DK UCh Hound's Lady Stardust
SE UvCh Hound's Montague







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