Ross passed away on May 31 2021 at an age of 15 years.

Ross was born in Norway at Ross kennels. His father was imported by us from England and sold to Gaute Røsland as a puppy.

BOB and G2 at SKK Ronneby in August 2007!

BOB, G1 and BIS-2 at DKK Naestved in March 2008!

BOB and G1 at DKK Varde in June 2008!

BOB and G1 at DKK Bornholm in July 2008!

BOB and G1 at SKK Ronneby in August 2008!

BOB and G4 at DKK Ballerup in September 2008!

BOB and G3 at DKK Fredericia in January 2010!

Progeny in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Russia!

The third generation males with back x-ray result K0!


C.I.B NordUvCh DKKV-08
Ross Castro

Top winning Standard Long in Denmark 2008!

Swedish Dachshund Club award in silver for his dual purpose offspring!


Bronia Hound's Man (UK imp)
Back x-ray result K0

IntUvCh Eng Ch SUvCh NUvCh DkUvCh SVCh Hound's Major Tom
Back x-ray result K0

SNUvCh SVCh FC Hound’s Kashmir
Bronia Glamour Puss (UK imp)

Eng Ch Metadale Moment of Truth at Bronia

Eng Ch Bronia Conquistador
Metadale Music of My Dreams

Hound's Marlene
Back x-ray result K1

DkUgCh Møllekrogen's B.S. Da'Capo DkUvCh IntUvCh Tranevang's CGP Siriustax
Dupont's S Bonnie
VWW-08 Int&NordUvCh SVCh Hound's Blümchen GS98 IACh2000 DtCh VDHCh2000 Quacks vom Tösbusch
IntNordUvCh Hound’s Headline



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